Comansa Jie succeeds in Shanghai


This year’s Bauma China, Asia’s most imporant trade show for construction machinery, has been the most succesful edition so far. Not only the organizers, but most of the exhibitors, are very satisfied with the large amount and quality of the visitors that arrived to Shanghai, and COMANSA JIE is not an exception.
The best example of such success is the large number of orders that received COMANSA JIE, to a total amount of 8 million US dollars (around 6 million €uro). Dealers from India, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and other nearby countries visited COMANSA JIE’s booth. And so did distributors from Russia, Panama, Turkey or Egypt, which proves the growing strength of this trade show out of the influence area. COMANSA JIE also proved as a rising value when receiving many visitors from other Southeast Asian countries approaching for new agency.

COMANSA JIE exhibited one 21 CJ 400 Flat-Top tower crane with maximum load capacity of 18 tonnes. It was erected with jib length (80meters) and freestanding height of 37.4meters, which allowed it to be seen from all the outdoor exhibition area. This tower crane can load up to 3,000 kilos at its maximum jib length, 80 meters.
The modularity of mast sections allows this crane to achieve freestanding heights of up to 95 meters. It can be erected with DJ23 mast sections, which are 2-meter-wide and especially useful for congested jobsites at standard heights and when internal climbing is needed. And it can also use SJ35 mast sections, which are two and a half meter wider, and more recommended for high rise construction and jobsites where external climbing is necessary.

But what really captivated all visitors was the 110 kW winch exhibited at the booth, which can reach maximum speeds of 176 meters per minute. Its’ spectacular drum, with capacity for 1450 meters of wire, drawn everybody’s attraction. This winch is available as an option for the 21 CJ 550 24t, COMANSA JIE’s biggest tower crane to date, and is very useful for high rise construction due to both speed and wire capacity.